Sell your bike and go green

If you ask anyone the best way to reduce pollution, most will suggest car emission regulation. However, a 2008 article in the LA times gave compelling evidence that motorcycles produce more harmful greenhouse emissions than large SUVs. Yes, evidence indicates that motorbikes produce ten times more smog-forming emissions than light trucks.


Light trucks are better for the environment than motorbikes

Even though motorbikes use a fraction of the fuel and have engines that are more efficient, they produce more harmful greenhouse emissions than cars. Two factors explain the reason.


1. Lack of emission control devices

Even though most automobile engines are less efficient, manufacturers are required to add emission control devices such as catalytic converters. These devices convert some of the harmful gasses like nitrogen oxides to less harmful forms.

However, these devices are too big and get too hot for motorbike cooling systems. The amount greenhouse gasses produce is not the problem. The issue is how harmful are the gasses produced. The type of gases emitted explains why motorbikes are ten times more harmful to the environment.


2. Lenient regulation

Cars have to pass some strict emission rules before they are allowed on the road. However, the regulations on motorbikes are quite lenient, and most of the time they are not enforced.


A lot of evidence from Asian countries shows that motorbikes are worse for the environment. Hanoi, one of the largest Vietnamese cities, has one of the worst pollution figures. There are very few cars but the city is full of scooters, mopeds and bikes.



Reasons to sell your bike for a green bike

Car manufacturers shifted to hybrids and electric vehicles to reduce the emissions. Cars like the Tesla and Prius have had large commercial success by appealing to people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The success has pushed companies to develop electric bikes that offer the motorbike enthusiast the same thrills without the bad emissions. Here are some reasons why you should ditch the bike for the e-bike.


i. Battery technology

A few years ago, it would have been difficult to shift because of the limited range of most electric bikes. However, battery technology has improved how far and how fast you can ride on your green bike.


ii. Cost

Motorbikes are not cheap. Some cost as much as second-hand cars. However, green bikes are less costly. E-bike engineers are working hard to ensure that green bikes are cost-effective enough to attract even the frugal environmentalist.


iii. Capabilities

Most motorbike enthusiasts are apprehensive about how sturdy electric bikes are. However, developers have designed bikes than can even ride on dirt roads. Some models can go anywhere a motorbike can go without breaking down. The speeds on some models are as fast as conventional bikes.


iv. Federal laws

Regulations on motorbikes are increasing as more legislators try to appease different lobby groups. Some states, like California, have state laws that are tougher than the federal statutes. However, green bikes can be legally driven everywhere. 


v. Exercise

If you go for models that have pedals, you can squeeze in some exercise while you are on the move. A green bike can be a bicycle when you need exercise and an all-electric transportation means when you do not. 



Technology is slowly changing the bike from a pollution-causing threat to a clean means of transport. You can easily sell your bike and use the money to buy some high-end e-bikes that will offer you more benefits in the end. Take the plunge and join the green bike revolution.